Bluegiga Accelerates Bluetooth Smart Accessory Development for Android and iOS Devices by Releasing the Next Generation Bluetooth Smart Software and SD

Nov 14, 2013
Espoo, November 14, 2013 - Bluegiga Technologies, a short range wireless technology specialist and module vendor, today announces the general availability of the next generation Bluetooth Smart Software and SDK for its Bluetooth Smart Modules.
The Bluetooth Smart Software includes multiple new features that enable the accessory vendors to implement more innovative, lower power, and easier to use products for their end customers. One of the features incorporated in the software is a new advertising method, which allows Bluetooth Smart accessories to receive information when they receive advertisements.  .The accessories can block sending out advertisements and thus, significantly reduce power consumption and increase battery life. Another new feature included in the new Bluetooth Smart Software is the ability to perform Over-the-Air software upgrades that enable the accessory software upgrades via a smart phone, tablet, or PC application. The benefit of the new feature is that the accessories’ functionality can be upgraded over time and there is no need to have physical interfaces, such as USB for firmware upgrades.
All Bluegiga’s Bluetooth Smart modules contain an embedded, programmable MCU that can be used to run end-user applications. Bluegiga provides a free-of-charge Bluetooth Smart SDK, which is a complete tool chain for developing, compiling, debugging, and installing applications to the embedded MCU in the Bluetooth Smart Modules. The new Bluetooth Smart Software also introduces a newer version of the SDK with many improvements. Software developers can now choose to develop their applications with either a Bluegiga proprietary BASIC-like BGScriptTM scripting language and free-of-charge development tools, a standard ANSI C programming language, or  a 3rd party IDE which is IAR’s Embedded Workbench. The new SDK also includes more than a dozen reference applications ranging from simple proximity tags and heart rate sensors to more complex examples, such as medical glucose sensors.
With the new SDK, Bluegiga can also provide reference applications and source code for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android 4.3, and Microsoft’s Windows 8 to further simplify and speed up Bluetooth Smart accessory development.
To learn more about Bluetooth Smart technology, Bluegiga’s Bluetooth Smart products, and to kick start your Bluetooth Smart development; please join our open webinar about Bluetooth Smart technology. You will also learn how Bluegiga can help you build iOS, Android, and Windows compatible products with Bluetooth Smart software in a matter of hours.
Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division - is an authorized Bluegiga distributor.

Written By: Megan Velona
Marketing Intern
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