Dual Axis Stepperdriver for CCTV Positioning

Feb 15, 2013
15.02.2013 - With ongoing miniaturization the a general trend to use a higher number of small electric motors can be seen. Coincidently the requirements regarding dynamics, low noise emissions and energy efficiency are growing. A high integration of diagnostics to build more rugged and reliable systems is expected.
In the continuously growing CCTV-camera market additional requirements are implied by the end-applications requirements. The operator expects an extremely smooth and jerk free motion, while fast changes of position are required to switch point of view. In the same time the devices are getting smaller and more cost efficient. Thus for the motion control part only a very small board space is available.
As the main controllers of many CCTV-cameras – often DSP – are occupied with image-processing often a second MCU is used for motion control purposes.
The new integrated controller and driver IC TMC5031 by TRINAMIC is dedicated designed for these dual axis applications. In its 7mm x 7mm QFN package are – besides the driver stages for two axes – two advanced dedicated ramp generators that do all realtime calculations to bring relieve to the main controller.
Its advanced acceleration scheme with 6 independently programmable acceleration and deceleration segments, allows for extremely high position changes.
The driver stages control at supply voltages from 5V to 16V two bipolar stepper motors with 750mA RMC each. Different advanced technologies allow for silent, smooth and still dynamic Positioning with low resonances by using TRINAMICs patented choppers chemes chopSync and spreadCycle. TMC5031 has a microstep resolution of up to 256 microsteps per fullstep for extremely precise positioning and adaptable microstep tables to match the motors characteristics best.
To make it perfect TMC5031 comes with extensive protection and diagnosis.
Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division - SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized Trinamic distributor.

Written By: Megan Velona
Marketing Intern
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