Fujitsu 'All New in Touch' Portfolio Empowers People to Achieve Their Potential

Oct 8, 2013
SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Fujitsu today announced an entire portfolio of business-class notebooks and tablet PCs maintaining its 20-year history of designing innovative tablet PCs that are meant for the enterprise, but created for individuals, Fujitsu has developed a full range of all new in touch solutions that empower people to achieve their full potential at work or at play on their selected device – while instinctively feeling secure and in control.
Fujitsu delivers a range of future-proof features allowing users to accomplish different tasks, meets the highest data and device security standards, and provides an ecosystem of services and solutions to ensure easy integration and compatibility with current Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Fujitsu helps customers understand the value of their business by integrating ICT systems with new technologies and by offering business innovation that contributes to a Human Centric Intelligent Society 
The fast-paced development of mobile communication and collaboration tools is driving a revolution in how people choose to live and work. A human-centric approach is replacing the computer-centric era and leading the way to intuitive and easy-to-use mobile devices such as tablet PCs. These devices provide a completely new user experience and connect people to each other and to the data that they want – whenever and wherever.
To reiterate and even strengthen the transformative power of technology, Fujitsu has matched the needs of particular types of work roles with specific devices to optimize customer benefits. This means customers can always be in touch with co-workers, have all-day battery runtime, travel light, and have continuous access to data or durability even in tough environments. Fujitsu's four 'Touch Concepts' enable businesses and users to match their technology needs with high-performing and effective work styles to provide new and satisfying user experiences:
Touch Notebooks are for users that require performance, full ergonomics and connectivity – for example, for IT professionals, finance analysts or, executives.
-FUJITSU LIFEBOOK® U904 which is the thinnest business Ultrabook™ in the 14-inch class, only 0.61inches and 3.15 lbs, with revolutionary crystal clear (3200x1800) IGZO display, incorporating ultimate security features, backlit keyboard and optional port replicator.
Convertible 2-in-1s are for knowledge workers with higher productivity needs, such as doctors, nurses, office workers students or teachers.
-FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T904 is a unique 13.3-inch premium Ultrabook™ convertible with IGZO™ display (2560x1440), weighing less than 3.3 lbs. Features include a user-exchangable battery, and bi-directional super high-definition rotatable display, plus dual digitizer for pen and finger input and backlit keyboard.
-FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T734 with its 12.5-inch bi-directional rotatable display including pen and finger input, complete set of security features and a modular bay that supports a second battery or optical drive for versatility and mobility.
Business Tablets are for mobile workers who create, share and view content, but require mobility, for example doctors, nurses, insurance agents, sales professionals, teachers and students.
-FUJITSU STYLISTIC® Q704, which is a unique 12.5-inch (1920x1080) semi-ruggedized hybrid tablet PC with up to powerful 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 vPro processor technology, NFC, and ultimate flexibility with smart card shell, optional cradle, keyboard docking station and dockable keyboard cover.
While the Specialized option is for highly-mobilized roles where additional unique features are required, such as Military & Public Safety personnel, Construction/Utility Workers, Surveyors, Field Force/Sales Force Automation and Retail/Service Industry personnel
-FUJITSU STYLISTIC Q584 is a super thin and light semi-ruggedized 10.1-inch tablet PC, with a revolutionary high resolution display (2560x1600), NFC, offering ultimate flexibility with smart card shell, optional cradle and dockable keyboard cover.
All new models include Microsoft Windows 8.1, touch screen option, and enterprise-class security.
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Written By: Megan Velona
Marketing Intern
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