Fujitsu Computer Products of America Launches iNetSec Smart Finder for Network Security and BYOD Management

Oct 8, 2013
Sunnyvale, CA, October 8, 2013 - Fujitsu Computer Products of America today announced the introduction of iNetSec Smart Finder, the internal network security appliance that offers wired and wireless device discovery, classification and management, and Layer 7 application control. Smart Finder enables IT administrators to monitor and prevent future threats from the inside of an organization. Smart Finder has been available in Japan for three years and has been the fastest growing product in the market for the past two years, according to total Network Security Business 2012-2013 sales data from Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.
In today’s mobile economy, security has become vital for businesses and organizations as more and more employees are using personal devices in the office. BYOD (bring your own device) and mobile device management are no longer new trends but rather common practice, and with an increasing variety of IP-based equipment sending data over networks, companies need to ensure that they have solutions in place so that their internal data is managed and secure. 
"The shift toward a BYOD culture in today's workplace has resulted in employees bringing more and more personal devices and personal applications to the office to meet their specific needs and increase productivity," said Avni Rambhia, Digital Media Industry Manager at Frost & Sullivan. "This increase in non-company owned laptops, tablets and smartphones also brings with it a variety of security threats, such as malware and botnets, that put businesses at risk. To best secure their networks and proprietary information, companies must protect themselves not just against external threats, but also from internal threats."
Smart Finder incorporates both NAC (network access control) and IPS (intrusion prevention system) features into a hybrid product that is ideal for companies that do not need products with full-blown NAC and IPS capabilities but want or need elements of each.
“Many companies need a way to secure their networks from the inside out without the headache of high costs or extreme technical complexity,” said Carmine Clementelli, Product Manager, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. “Smart Finder has a unique blend of essential NAC and IPS features, is easy to use, and fits the budget and technical know-how of a wide range of companies.”

Key features of iNetSec Smart Finder include:

  • Endpoint Visibility & Device Discovery - this access control functionality recognizes all devices on a business network, both wired and wireless – from laptops and mobile phones to tablets and printers – so companies can prevent illegal access and minimize threats
  • Threat Prevention & Security - the Layer 7 IPS functionality gives control over application usage within the company’s network, in order to prevent hazardous activities internally..
  • *Agentless technology means there is no software to install on devices and no software updates to manage on diverse devices*Out of band technology does not reduce network performanceNon-Intrusive Device Detection - this approach ensures there is no network disruption while conducting device monitoring:
  • Simple Deployment - deploy in both single-site and multi-site environments – the installation process typically takes less than 2 hours.
  • Centralized Web-Based Policy Management - stay organized and coordinated with your device management:
  • *Authorization workflow and device registration process
  • *Device classification on the network
  • *Automated new device approval process
  • *Whitelist/blacklist security policy management
  • *Create network access policies by group segments
  • Reporting, Analytics, and Alerts - use simple dashboard reporting tools to use your time effectively and efficiently.
  • Scalability - support growing infrastructures and multi segment networks with 3,000 endpoints available per single appliance.


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Written By: Megan Velona
Marketing Intern
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