Nordic Snore Stopper

Mar 12, 2015
Oslo, Norway - 2015/03/12 - Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Chinese wearable health technology startup, VVFly Electronics, is using Nordic nRF51822 Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) to provide Bluetooth® Smart (formerly known as Bluetooth low energy) wireless communications with smartphones in what VVFly claims is the world’s first ear-worn snore detection and prevention device.
In operation, the VVFly Intelligent Snore Stopper is supplied in an ear-worn hearing aid form-factor and is said to detect when a user starts snoring by using a sophisticated combination of sound and bone vibration signal detection and analysis.
When snoring is detected, the device will start to gently vibrate and ‘speak’ to the snorer gently telling them to stop. If snoring continues to be detected, the intensity of vibration and loudness of the spoken communication will gradually increase until the user stops snoring by moving slightly or subconsciously responds to the spoken instructions.
VVFly claims that this method will typically stop the user snoring without actually waking them up (and this effect is said to increase as the user becomes more familiarized with the use of the device over time), and so preserve sleep quality.
The Intelligent Snore Stopper is also designed to work in conjunction with a free partner app running on any Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphone (or tablet) that by continuously recording sleep data also acts as a sleep quality monitor that can demonstrate improvements from using the device.
“Snoring can cause serious sleep deprivation-related health issues both for the snorer and their partners and can also interrupt the supply of oxygen to the brain [sleep apnea],” comments VVFly Founder, Johnson Luo. “Sleep deprivation has been linked to all kinds of mental and physical health problems including impaired cognitive abilities and a higher risk of being involved in accidents of all kinds, depression, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, as well as dying: it’s that serious.”
Luo continues: “We selected the Nordic nRF51822 because it was the most mature and proven Bluetooth Smart solution on the market and ticked all the key boxes for our application including ultra low power consumption, high performance on-board microprocessing, and highly integrated ADCs. It has proven to be a wise choice because not only did the nRF51822 hardware live up its promises, but we have since enjoyed a great experience of working with Nordic’s technical support team who have saved us a lot of time and effort when developing our product and enabled us to go from concept to market in a very short period of time.”

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