Symmetry Electronics Prepares Engineers for Internet of Things

Jun 10, 2013
Symmetry Electronics, a leader in the distribution of wireless semiconductor products, continues to roll out resources for customers who want to be part of the Internet of Things market trend.

Symmetry’s e-commerce site:, has recently been updated with advanced search capabilities and redesigned supplier and category pages.  These new changes will make searching for parts even easier and save valuable time and resources allowing Engineers to focus on what is most important. also walks customers through product selection with block diagrams for common product designs in segments including M2M, Medical and Security and Surveillance.  

In additional to redesigned pages, advanced search and technical expertise, Symmetry continues to provide OEMs excellent resource for everything wireless by regularly publishing articles that cover a broad range of topics for Engineers on every level.

Choosing RF Protocols: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, DECT

Recently published on EE Times

The RF protocols that developers use for industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications must meet exacting requirements for robustness, reliability, and connectivity. Today, developers can choose among several good options.  Read more…

Cellular Adds Complexity to the RF Design Process

Published in Telit2Market:

A major difference between a cellular M2M and an RF design, is working with network providers that offer different coverage areas and rate plans. The amount of data throughput required by the application helps determine if 2G, 3G, 4G technology is needed. Identifying the specific cellular protocol (GSM, CDMA, HSPA, etc) narrows down the selection of available networks.  Read more…

Top 6 Considerations in OEM Cellular Design

Published in a Telit Newsletter

Before starting your cellular design choose the cellular network provider you are going to work with or in simple words think about which SIM cards your customers will use.  Various service providers' work on different cellular frequencies and this plays a major role in choosing a right radio for your application.  Read more…

A recent EE Times article[1] reports “2016 M2M revenues are estimated to be approximately $23 billion and will continue to grow at around 30 percent per year.”  To make the most of this opportunity, Symmetry Electronics maintains a focused line card with every wireless technology you need to make your solution a success” says Cobus Heukelman, Symmetry Electronics, Technical Marketing Engineer.

If you are currently designing for the IoT or just starting to roll up your sleeves, visit the “Go Totally Wireless” page to see what products we have for you.  

  1. Proithis, Allen.  “M2M is Dead” EE Times 2 May 2013. Keyword: M2M. Retrieved June 8, 2013 <>


Written By: Michael Venezia
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