Symmetry Electronics Stocking and Supporting the AMD Embedded-based Gizmo 2 by GizmoSphere

Nov 11, 2014

GizmoSphere Gizmo 2Los Angeles, CA - November 11, 2014 - GizmoSphere, a non-profit, open-source development board community, today launched the Gizmo 2 platform, its second-generation x86 single-board computer (SBC). Gizmo 2 gives the SBC market more options with compute and graphics performance to power the most demanding projects. Based on the AMD G-Series SOC GX-210HA dual core processor, the Gizmo2 enables embedded developers and open source entrepreneurs with the ability to experiment and develop with the same technology behind today’s leading video game consoles, data centers, and PCs. Coupled with a complete open-source development ecosystem, the limitations of Gizmo 2 are only bound by one’s imagination.


The 4-inch by 4-inch Gizmo 2 board provides an array of features and capabilities, making it the perfect choice development board for developers interested in the G-series SoC. Gizmo 2 is particularly attractive for media hosting applications, such as video/audio conferencing or as a media player/server. Its multi-core architecture with function specified hardware accelerator set allows Gizmo 2 to be very versatile, and facilitate an extended range of applications in the embedded space. Sophisticated programming environments in the Gizmo 2 x86 based SoC allow for BIOS (core-boot) customization, and a dedicated programming tool allows the developer access down to the silicon core. Product revisions or differentiation can be done simply by introducing new algorithms. The increased capacity relative to other development platforms allows the Gizmo 2 to hold and process vast amounts of data, a crucial component in media applications.


The Gizmo 2 performance is forging new paths in the open source board market, providing 85 GLOPS while drawing only 9 watts, and with industry leading features such as an HDMI dedicated port, extra PCIe, SD card slot for added mass storage and nonvolatile memory, an mSATA port for connecting SSDs, and a microSD card slot, there’s a tremendous amount of value at US$199. The Gizmo 2 also includes Linux from Timesys and a coreboot®-based SageBIOS™ OSP from Sage Electronic Engineering. 


“We’re very excited about our continuing partnership with GizmoSphere,” noted Symmetry President Ken Davison. “We’ve seen some great projects powered by the original Gizmo board, and we’re looking forward to seeing what people do with Gizmo 2.”


“The Gizmo board was an innovative step for providing x86 architecture to the open-source community,” said David Beck, Symmetry Vice President of Marketing. “The Gizmo2, with its powerful x86 G-SoC architecture on a small 4x4 inch SBC, further revolutionizes the market.”


Symmetry will be stocking the Gizmo 2, and it is currently available for pre-orders through Symmetry’s ecommerce site


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About GizmoSphere


GizmoSphere is an independent initiative created to meet the open source development needs of embedded developers around the globe. It serves as a resource center providing documentation, downloads, schematics, news and other information pertinent to the embedded development community. GizmoSphere offers Gizmo 2, which brings the power of a supercomputer and the I/O capabilities of a microcontroller to the x86 open source embedded development community in one convenient, affordable package.


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