Telegesis is ready for Thread

Jul 14, 2015

Telegesis is ready for Thread

14 July 2015.

As Silicon Labs announces the release of the Thread Protocol Stack Telegesis has already developed the radio hardware which can deliver it.

With two modules available now on the EM358* SoC from SiLabs Telegesis can supply fully tested and approved radios ready for use with Thread today.

The ETRX3587 and the ETRX3585 both offer product designers a fast and reliable way to incorporate Thread technology into their Internet of Things (IoT)products.

“We see Thread as a very important development in advancing the connected home as a tangible reality.” said Telegesis Managing Director, Nicholas Gomersall. “At Telegesis we intend to become as expert in Thread technology as we are in ZigBee. We see Thread and ZigBee playing complementary roles in the future of the Internet of Things and I believe that Telegesis is extremely well positioned to offer expert design and implementation services across both technologies.”


Thread technology fills a critical gap in the IoT ecosystem by providing the industry’s first standards-based, low-power mesh networking solution based on Internet protocol (IP), enabling reliable, secure and scalable Internet connectivity for battery-powered devices in the connected home.

Silicon Labs is a founder member of the Thread Group and the Chair of the Thread Group technical committee. SiLabs have been instrumental in defining and developing the Thread specification. For more about SiLabs Thread protocol and tools see Thread

For more on the Thread Group see

Telegesis ETRX358 modules

The ETRX3587 and ETRX3585 modules are available in standard and power-amplified form either with on-board antenna or with U.FL connector for use with an external antenna. Built around the EM358* series SoC from SiLabs these modules offer a powerful way to add Thread capability to existing and future IoT products. ETRX358* modules are footprint compatible with the best-selling ETRX357 series and are in volume production now.

Click here for more detail on the Thread ready ETRX358* module from Telegesis.

Thread Protocol AT command set

Telegesis is a Participant Member of Thread Group and will be releasing a Thread Protocol AT command interface later in 2015. This will enable engineers to implement Thread solutions without the need for any embedded firmware expertise – making the Telegesis Thread module solution the fastest and easiest way to add Thread technology to any product range. For news on the arrival of the Telegesis Thread command set please Sign up to the Telegesis product news.

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