Bluegiga provides Health Device Profile for its Bluetooth

Feb 4, 2009

Bluegiga provides Health Device Profile for its Bluetooth OEM Modules

Bluegig's OEM Bluetooth module with Health Device Profile enables simple and safe integration of wireless connectivity for health and medical devices. Tokyo, Japan – Continua Winter Summit – 4th of February 2009 – Bluegiga announced today that its OEM Bluetooth modules are now available with Bluetooth Health Devise Profile (HDP). The Health Device profile is integrated into Bluegiga’s iWRAP firmware, running inside the Bluegiga module, significantly simplifying and reducing the need for engineering and testing time for any type of health or medical device. “Bluegiga’s Health Device Bluetooth profile with Bluegiga OEM module helps device manufacturer to develop wireless features into existing or new devices with very limited amount of engineering. Bluegiga modules are completely supported by Bluegiga meaning that for the OEMs, Bluegiga is a single point of contact for any kind of development or support”, comments Mr. Mikko Savolainen, Customer Service and Product Director at Bluegiga Technologies. The Health Device Profile is available for both Bluegiga WT11 Class 1 module and Bluegiga WT12 Class 2 module which use CSR silicon and run Bluegiga’s iWRAP Bluetooth connectivity firmware. Bluegiga is the first in the world to offer HDP for CSR based silicon. Bluegiga Access Servers and Access Points will support the HDP Bluetooth Profile later in 2009, enabling integrators to setup secure and reliable telehealth networks utilizing Bluetooth. “The HDP enabled Bluegiga Bluetooth modules are a fantastic way for OEMs to make sure that the Bluetooth project will meet high quality standards with the highest possible product reliability,” says Tom Nordman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Bluegiga. “We already have significant amount of world leading Health and Medical device manufacturer customers for our OEM modules and Access Servers and this new Health Device Profile will also help them to make the products compatible with other medical device manufacturers”. The Health Device Profile is now available for testing and development purposes. Bluegiga Contact: Tom Nordman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tel. +358 (0)9 435 5060 E-mail: Posted By:

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