Bluetooth Health Device Profile firmware shipments started

Jul 16, 2009
Bluegiga Technologies is announcing the availability of the Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP) firmware. HDP has been integrated into Bluegiga’s existing iWRAP firmware platform to provide simple to use and reliable user interface for building various medical and health applications. The beta firmware implements both HDP source and HDP sink modes, so it can be used to pilot and build end-to-end solutions. The firmware also includes the following benefits of Bluetooth Health Device Profile: • Medical, Healthcare and Fitness Applicability • Wireless Service Discovery • Reliable Connection-oriented behavior • Reliable Control Channel • Support for Flexible Data Channel configurations • Application-level Interoperability • Efficient Reconnection mechanism • Optimized for devices with low resources The firmware, at the moment, does not implement any of the IEEE 11073-20601 layers, but Bluegiga will soon offer a C reference implementation of IEEE 11073-20601 Optimized Exchange Protocol and IEEE 11073-11407 Blood Pressure Monitor Device Data Specialization, which can be ported to various systems. IEEE implementations are also available via the Continua Health Alliance source code program for all Continua members and also via 3rd party implementations. We encourage you to send any feedback regarding to the Bluetooth Health Device Profile to and help us to improve the HDP implementation. Also any technical questions related to HDP should be sent to Ongoing work on the improvement of the HDP firmware version will be taking place during Q3 2009 and estimate for the full Bluetooth qualification is by the end of 2009. The beta firmware can be requested for evaluation from here: The beta version has not been Bluetooth qualified. Bluegiga also keeps the right to do any changes to the beta firmware if considered necessary. More information: About SemiconductorStore has quickly established itself within the industry by changing the way that design engineers, buyers and engineering students research and buy electronic components online. SemiconductorStore is the eCommerce division of Symmetry Electronics Corporation, a global leader and design-oriented, franchise-authorized distributor of electronic components. By utilizing Symmetry’s experience and capabilities, SemiconductorStore is providing outstanding service and support, in addition to great products, to every one of its customers. About Symmetry Electronics Founded in 1998, Symmetry Electronics is a design-oriented, franchise-authorized distributor of electronic components specializing in serving the Audio/Video, Wireless and Embedded markets. Symmetry Electronics is ISO 9001:2000 certified and serves a worldwide customer base with particular emphasis on North and South America. Combining the service and support of a traditional distributor with the ease and convenience of 24/7/365 research and procurement through our eCommerce site, SemiconductorStore, Symmetry Electronics is developing new ways to service the needs of our customers. For more information on Symmetry Electronics, its suppliers or products. Symmetry Electronics Web Site Posted by:

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