Lantronix Introduces New Linux Capability with Embedded Device Server MatchPort AR

May 28, 2009
Lantronix has announced support for Linux on their wired embedded device server product, MatchPort AR. The new offering caters to the growing Linux development community, expanding the market opportunity for the product. The Linux software development kit (SDK) simplifies and accelerates the process of development on Linux-based platforms. It provides a board support package (BSP) for MatchPort AR along with a turnkey development environment that includes an industry-validated set of Linux software tools built around the Linux 2.6 kernel. Combined with standard GNU toolchains, developers can easily integrate their applications using pre-defined configuration profiles and software assembly tools. Sample applications are provided within the SDK, allowing developers to jump-start their application development. The MatchPort AR (See Figure 1) delivers SSL/SSH ready Ethernet networking capability to virtually any product with a serial interface on the host microcontroller. MatchPort AR works as a networking co-processor module. Without burdening the device’s main processor, it sends and receives serial data in packets over Ethernet. It incorporates state-of-the-art CGI and AJAX web server capabilities for remote data acquisition, device monitoring and configuration, and virtually no programming is required. With the new MatchPort AR SDK, users have the advantage of the well-established Linux community. The product allows administrators to create new applications with greater flexibility, improving time to market and sales opportunity. Lantronix also provides robust firmware upgrade and system recovery tools that ease the pain of maintaining previously-deployed devices. Additionally, in the event of a failure, the MatchPort AR can recover the system – sparing developers from serious setbacks. “The Linux development community is one of the fastest growing today, and we want to tailor our products to cater to their needs,” said Daryl Miller, vice president of engineering of Lantronix a leading provider of secure, remote device networking and data center management technologies. “Working with our partner Nissin Systems, we were able to take this first leap in penetrating the Linux space, and will continue to establish Linux as the base platform for our product development moving forward.” “We recognized the great market potential for bringing MatchPort AR’s Ethernet networking capabilities to the Linux community,” said Yoshinori Koike, vice president of sales at Nissin Systems. “Lantronix is an industry innovator and the next natural step was to make the company’s solutions available to the increasing population of Linux developers.” Customers looking to receive a MatchPort AR with Linux Development Kit or Matchport AR pricing can contact Symmetry Electronics at 866-506-8829. For further information about product features related to Lantronix’s entire line-up of network connectivity solutions visit Posted by:

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