Lehigh Valley Health Network Relies on Lantronix to Enhance Patient Care With Real-Time Data Access and Management

May 12, 2009
IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - May 12, 2009) - Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX), a leading provider of secure, remote management, device networking and data center management technologies, today announced that Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) has deployed its hybrid Ethernet device server, EDS, across multiple units of the hospital. Located in Pennsylvania, LVHN is a leading medical center committed to high-quality patient care and technological advancements. The implementation enabled specialized LVHN doctors, called 'intensivists', to have real-time information on patients in remote locations, dramatically improving patient care. "We noticed our staff was spending significant time documenting patient vitals and we needed a solution to expedite the process so we could focus on treatment," said Luke Savage, system analyst at Lehigh Valley Health Network. "Lantronix technology has helped dramatically decrease paperwork, increase the nurses' time with patients and also improved the documentation quality. All of these factors help improve patient care and save lives. We look forward to implementing Lantronix' solutions throughout other units of our hospital." Initially installed in intensive care unit (ICU) environments, Lantronix technology helped to securely automate the flow of information from ICU monitoring equipment to the centralized clinical information system (CIS). Once transmitted, remote intensivists were able to track patient data in real-time and immediately notify onsite doctors of changing patient conditions. This implementation saved an average 90 minutes of documentation per 12-hour shift for each nurse. Following the success of the deployment inside the ICU, Lehigh Valley installed the EDS in its labor and delivery, and code-red trauma and operating rooms. The quick transmission of patient data from all over the hospital to a central location not only helped improve patient care, but also enabled the doctors to work more effectively. "Lantronix is dedicated to helping customers find solutions that solve real-world problems," said Jerry Chase, CEO of Lantronix. "The use case of the remote access products inside medical organizations highlights the practical application of the technology, and showcases the benefits experienced by all. Lehigh Valley's commitment to excellence and technology innovation was a perfect fit with Lantronix, and we're very pleased with the outcome." The EDS enables remote access and management of a variety of edge devices, including medical and security equipment and POS/retail terminals. The sleek design enables easy installation and up to 16 serial devices can be quickly network-enabled using robust SSH or SLL security. To learn more about Lantronix' EDS product and other advanced solutions, please visit www.lantronix.com/edsps. Posted By:

Written By: Michael Galperin
Senior Marketing Manager
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