Low-power ANT transceivers

Sep 4, 2009
Nordic Semiconductor and ANT Wireless have announced the release of the single-channel and 8-channel nRF24AP2 2,4 GHz ANT transceivers – the first two products in the new nRF24AP2 ANT single-chip wireless solution family. The single-channel nRF24AP2-1CH is a cost-optimised product suitable for a wide range of simple wireless sensor applications in the sports, medical, industrial and home networking sectors. The more advanced 8-channel nRFAP2-8CH is specifically desgned for ANT hubs with up to eight active wireless sensor channels. The nRF24AP2 family reduces peak current by more than 20% compared to the nRF24AP1 (down from 22 mA to 17 mA), yielding valuable extra power margin when working with small coin cell batteries. The new chips also take advantage of Nordic's latest nRF24L01+ transceiver core, which provides enhancements in wideband blocking and intermodulation as well as 5 dB more sensitivity than the nRF24AP1. This makes the nRF24P2 family highly immune to disturbance from other 2,4 GHz radios like Bluetooth wireless technology and Wi-Fi operating in the vicinity. At the core of all nRF24AP2 family chips is an improved ANT protocol stack implementation that includes several enhancements designed to increase performance and reduce unnecessary power consumption. It also features several new ANT features, including: * Proximity search, which allows master nodes to be acquired according to their proximity to the search device. This enables the implementation of pairing by proximity schemes, further enhancing and simplifying the end-user experience with ANT. * Frequency agility channel – instead of operating on a single RF channel, with this feature an ANT channel uses several RF channels and will hop between them if significant degradation is detected. This provides additional robustness in environments with heavy inference. * Continuous scanning mode, enabling star networked topologies with very low latency. All nRF24AP2 solutions are fully interoperable with existing nRF24AP1 ANT chipset implementations that are either currently in production or already installed in the field. The new chips also support the ANT+ managed network alliance platform that makes ANT+ products interoperable with the ever growing list of subscribing vendors. Posted by:

Written By: Lawrence Beimel
Senior Marketing Manager
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