Skywire™ Plug-in Modem is Small, Smart, and Cellular

Oct 15, 2013
Plymouth, MN October 15, 2013 - Today, in response to market demand, a growing number of machine-to-machine (M2M) devices require cellular connectivity. That connectivity can take several forms. Engineers can develop chip-down chipset solutions, which can cost millions, require extensive testing and certification, and take up to a year to complete. They can add external modems, which are easy to deploy, but cumbersome and costly. They can use solder-in modules, which require certification and can take six to nine months to integrate into a device. Or they can save the effort and time by using the NimbeLink Skywire plug-in, embedded cellular modem.
Skywire is the smallest embedded cellular modem on the market.  It uses a standard XBEE form factor and 1xRTT CDMA operating mode to help developers minimize hardware and network costs, and a U.FL port to ensure antenna flexibility. The Skywire modem features the Telit CE910-DUAL and is available with bundled CDMA 1xRTT data plans from leading carriers, allowing developers to add fully compliant cellular connectivity without having to apply for certification; and future versions will support GSM and LTE. Compared to other embedded solutions on the market, Skywire is smaller—about 1/3 the size—and far simpler to deploy due to its bundled carrier service plans.
Product development using Skywire is significantly faster than with most other products.  There is no cost or delay for certification, and the design cycle can be as short as one to three months. Skywire is available with a complete development kit that includes the cellular modem itself, baseboard, antenna, power supply, debug cables, and cellular service plan. The Skywire baseboard is an Arduino shield, allowing direct connection to an Arduino microcontroller.
Skywire’s designers at NimbeLink have extensive experience in M2M development and have won numerous product design awards including the Design News Golden Mousetrap Award in 2013, the Connect Most Innovative New Product Award in 2012, and the 2012 Embedded Computing Design Top Embedded Innovation Award. NimbeLink is already using the Skywire modem in its own TextAlert product, a flexible cellular gateway supporting internal and external sensors.
Skywire modems are available individually for $129 and in quantities of 1000 for $99. A complete development kit, including the modem, costs just $262. They can be purchased through Symmetry Electronics at and
NimbeLink takes the complexity out of M2M communication, creating simple, application-specific solutions and bundling them with carrier and cloud data services. The company delivers smart, affordable, remote-sensing solutions that work right out of the box.
Written by: NimbeLink

Written By: Michael Venezia
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