Symmetry Electronics selects Wyless as M2M partner

Feb 5, 2010
Wyless, the Global Network Enabler (GNE), and Symmetry Electronics, a global distributor of electronic components, have announced a strategic partnership. Wyless will add integrated wireless data services, fixed IP connectivity and real time network management capabilities to a variety of the modules promoted on Symmetry’s website.

The partnership will provide Symmetry’s customers, predominantly consisting of design engineers, with wireless M2M connectivity when they purchase any GSM/GPRS Prototype or Development Kits. The Wyless capabilities will be integrated into the products and then supplied to Symmetry’s customers as pre-packaged, pre-enabled and network ready. Wyless has agreed to offer Symmetry customers 30 days of free network access to start their development.

The M2M technologies promoted by Symmetry Electronics offer engineers wireless solutions for applications such as remote monitoring, healthcare, vending, vehicle and fleet tracking. Symmetry Electronics chose to work with Wyless because of its comprehensive managed network services offerings, including its Internet-based management platform, Porthos, which offers visibility and control of the network and wireless devices.

Gil Zaharoni, Symmetry Electronics’ CEO, stated: “Our customers are constantly seeking M2M solutions that have comprehensive development tools with everything required – from design and certification help to actual network connection. We’re excited about this collaboration as Wyless has the infrastructure we needed to allow our customers to test their design in process with pre-enabled SIMs, a reliable M2M network and an advanced web-based interface.”

Dan McDuffie, US SVP at Wyless, said: “Our partnership with Symmetry Electronics is an excellent example of working with a partner to enable them to provide value-added development platforms to their customers that can be quickly and easily deployed. We are confident that the relationship will offer Symmetry customers the M2M infrastructure and managed services they need to get the very best out of the devices they purchase.”

The wireless M2M modules and development kits offered by Symmetry Electronics can be found at If you have questions about pricing, availability, or features of the various M2M products, call Symmetry Electronics at 866-506-8829.

About Wyless
Wyless is a Global Network Enabler (GNE). Our Managed Services enable companies to securely and reliably communicate with their remote and mobile devices in over 120 countries, in partnership with Tier 1, Mobile Operators. They include Open Connectivity, an Intelligent Network, Porthos, our unique Open Platform and Professional Services. These Managed Services combine to provide real-time visibility, enhanced control and flexibility for wireless connections. Wyless enables customers and partners to reduce the risks, costs and complexities of deploying and supporting mobile applications at the same time as enabling new revenue streams for our customers and partners.

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Written By: Lawrence Beimel
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