Technology Innovators Band Together for Haitian Relief

Feb 5, 2010
CARLSBAD, CA, February 2, 2010 - A&D Engineering, Advanced Warning Systems, Digicel, MedApps and Nonin announced today that they are banding together as partners in a telehealth eco-system in order to donate medical health monitoring equipment and infrastructure solutions towards Haitian relief efforts. The companies plan to launch this program after rescue and recovery has been completed and long-term relief, in the form of ongoing medical services and support, can be implemented.

The magnitude of the 7.0 earthquake, which struck Haiti on January 12, has caused massive damage and fatalities to the already impoverished nation.

As soon as Miles Moore, President and CEO of Advanced Warning Systems, heard news of the quake, he issued an email to a group of executives in the health care industry requesting their consideration to join forces in response to the Haiti Relief Effort.

One of the first companies to respond was MedApps Inc., a supplier of Mobile Wireless Remote Health Monitoring Systems (mHealth). Founder and CEO of MedApps, Kent Dicks, was impressed by the generosity displayed by the nearly instantaneous response from the companies that chose to step up and volunteer, no questions asked.

"We all understand that our services and equipment are desperately needed and we're ready to deliver," said Dicks. "The generosity and leadership of these companies will make a big impact."

Companies big and small have played a vital part in making the proposed effort a reality. A&D Engineering plans to donate scales, blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes, while Nonin will give portable pulse oximeters. As a wireless data provider, Digicel also has a significant role to play within this recognized team of technology innovators.

Moore commented, "It just proves that size is not important. Many of the companies involved may be small, but it is the responsiveness in a time of crisis that is important. Without hesitation, these companies stepped up to donate equipment and services that will assist the people of Haiti. Such initiative speaks volumes."

Because health care resources have been redirected to the frontlines of emergency response, a void has inevitably been left for individuals with less critical care needs.  As the cellular network continues to come back online, this partnership of technology innovators plans to use remote monitoring to help fill this void as the next phase of relief begins.

Relief workers will outfit chronically ill patients with remote health monitoring equipment that will allow care professionals to monitor them without the constraints of time and location, helping a greater number of people.

"The partnership understands how remote monitoring can be a highly employable form of relief," said Dicks. "As soon as we get the go-ahead from the Haitian government we'll begin delivery and implementation. At this point, we watch and wait."

About the American Red Cross International Services

The American Red Cross International Services is dedicated to helping global communities as they face natural disasters, health emergencies, and humanitarian crises. It is comprised of over 186 Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies and more than 97 million volunteers. Their work spans from Disaster Response and Recovery, Disaster Preparedness, Disease Prevention, Family Tracing, Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law and beyond. To find out more information on how you can get involved visit: 

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