Telit Wireless Solutions Achieves GSM National Network Milestones

Jun 13, 2007
Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc. has had six of Telit’s cellular communication modules declared network compatible for use on AT&T Wireless’ network, the largest wireless carrier in North America. Telit’s modules are now approved for activation in a range of applications that run on AT&T’s GSM network, such as automatic meter reading, fleet management, security and surveillance, asset tracking, and remote device management and maintenance. This is the first time AT&T has declared such a large group of wireless communications modules from one company as being network compatible. In fact, today Telit offers more modules on the developer’s website than any other company. By making all modules available concurrently, Telit is providing its customers with unparalleled flexibility to choose the ideal form factor for their specific needs. Telit’s customer-driven design focus, consistent form factors and standardized interfaces in its software and stack across product families allows customers to scale their application deployment. Achieving network compatibility marks the last requirement for activating Telit’s modules on the AT&T wireless network. As a prerequisite to receiving this latest certification, Telit was also awarded PTCRB certification on all six modules. The GE864-QUAD, GE863-QUAD, GM862-QUAD, GC864-QUAD, GM862-GPS, and GE863-GPS have all completed extensive interoperability testing with cellular infrastructure providers across the United States. Telit modules enable OEMs to develop wireless communication applications and products faster by eliminating the need for costly RF developments, while simultaneously providing the single largest range of choices to turn any machine into an integrated enterprise tool. “When the single largest carrier in North America approves the single largest range of enterprise enabling components, you have a game-changer,” said Roger Dewey, President and CEO of U.S.-based Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc. AT&T provides wireless services to 95 of the Fortune 100 companies, and counts more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 and more than 1,200 federal, state and local government agencies as customers. “OEMs are now only constrained by the limits of their imagination thanks to the breadth of our technology and our commitment to providing seamless integration with carriers,” added Dewey. “We envision a new landscape where previously only-dreamed about applications could be developed. Now many of our successful international customers will at last be able to enter the US marketplace with greater speed and ease than ever before possible.” AT&T works with leading equipment manufacturers, like Telit, to provide their customers with specialty vertical devices that enable real-time wireless access to support specific business requirements. Certification ensures that end-users will have an optimal experience when using a Telit device with AT&T service. In addition to AT&T, T-Mobile operates a national GSM wireless network and only activates m2m devices through Value Added Resellers (VARs) such as SensorLogic and NexAira, both of which are Telit partners. MVNOs including Kore Telematics also activate Telit modules onto their networks. The following Telit modules are available for activation on both AT&T and T-Mobile GSM national wireless networks in the United States: · GM862-QUAD: the perfect platform for all compact, medium and high-volume m2m applications and capable of incorporating additional features like Jamming Detection, integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, and Easy Scan® functionality. · GE863-QUAD: sub-compact quad-band multi-purpose module for GSM/GPRS cellular voice and data communication applications. · GE864-QUAD: the world’s smallest quad-band GSM/GPRS module allows m2m communications to move into application areas where module size is a critical issue. The GE864 is ideal for wearable devices and consumer-oriented location-based services, among others. · GC864-QUAD: ultra-compact quad-band multi-purpose module for GSM/GPRS cellular voice and data communication applications. · GM862-GPS: compact quad-band multi-purpose module for GSM/GPRS cellular voice and data communication applications with integrated SiRFstarIII™ GPS functionality. · GE863-GPS: sub-compact quad-band multi-purpose module for GSM/GPRS cellular voice and data communication applications with integrated SiRFstarIII™ GPS functionality. Occupying less than two square inches of space, Telit’s GSM/GPRS modules allow machines, equipment, or vehicles to interface with each other via mobile communications networks. Telit’s approach to enterprise wireless communication is unique - their products are divided into families, each tailored to different levels of integration and volumes according to application size and production scale, and each addressing distinct application groups such as telematics, fleet management, and automatic meter reading. Within these families, products have the same form factor and functionality irrespective of their wireless technology (GSM, CDMA). The advantage for customers is immediately apparent because all modules within a family are interchangeable, due to uniformity in size, shape, connectors, and software interface. Customers can easily replace any module with its successor because there is little or no change required to the application.

Written By: Mike Ueland
Vice-President, Sales
(866) 506-8829

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