ViXS Systems Inc. and Symmetry Electronics Provide Cutting-Edge Video Technologies

Aug 15, 2011

Hawthorne, California, Aug. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Symmetry Electronics, a leader in design-oriented electronic component distribution, and ViXS Systems, a multimedia solutions innovator, ink deal to provide high quality video and audio solutions to customers in the Americas and China.

"We are pleased to promote ViXS Systems' advanced media processing to our video/audio customer base. ViXS' exciting product portfolio includes technologies that are in high demand today, such as advanced transcoding together with complete system-on-chip solutions. ViXS' products are perfect for applications including digital TV, set-top box, advanced consumer electronics and networked storage devices," says Gil Zaharoni, CEO for Symmetry Electronics. "ViXS has demonstrated clear leadership in the media entertainment and consumer markets and distinguishes itself from other solution providers with their pre-integrated hardware and software development kits. This will allow our customers to quickly test, evaluate and develop new products, giving them the ability to launch superior products within ever decreasing development time frames."

"We chose to partner with Symmetry Electronics due to their extensive video focus and their ability to provide leading-edge solutions to their customer base," says Sally Daub, President, CEO and Director of ViXS Systems. "We can also reach a larger customer base by utilizing Symmetry's technical capabilities and seasoned sales force to promote advanced solutions from ViXS."

About Symmetry Electronics Corporation
Founded in 1998, Symmetry Electronics is a global supplier-authorized electronics distributor, providing value-added distribution of technology products, solutions and services to industrial and commercial markets. Symmetry Electronics is ISO 9001:2008 certified and offers electronic components, modules and solutions for a variety of customers across the globe through their sales offices or from their award-winning eCommerce Division.

About ViXS Systems, Inc.
ViXS Systems Inc. is a multimedia solutions innovator providing technologies for processing, managing, securing and distributing high quality video and audio allowing seamless multimedia control, conversion, and connectivity between many classes and sizes of digital entertainment device. A leading fables semiconductor company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada, ViXS Systems supplies advanced System-on-a-Chip semiconductors, software solutions and hardware reference designs for the world's top manufacturers of Digital TVs, DVDs, Set-top boxes, Personal Video Recorders, PCs, Network Attached Storage devices, Residential/Home Gateways, Blu-Ray players/recorders, Surveillance, and Broadcast/Infrastructure equipment.

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