Worlds Smallest 30W PoE+ Module Ag5200 PD Module From Silvertel

Nov 19, 2012
UK - 2/11/19 - Silvertel is pleased to announce the release of the Ag5200, the world’s smallest isolated 30W PD module.  At less than 75% of the board area of the earlier Ag5100, the Ag5200 is just 51 x 30mm in size and only 15mm high - further proof of Silvertel’s continual innovation and pioneering status in POE.
The market for POE in products such as professional AV equipment, PTZ Cameras, WiMAX access points, Electronic Point of Sale terminals, Door Entry Systems and Thin Client terminals continues to grow, while the modules keep on getting smaller. The continual drive to miniaturise components has lead Silvertel to shrink the footprint of our 30W POE+ modules even further. 
Not only has the footprint decreased, but the cost of the module is also significantly lower, meaning the Ag5200 is extremely cost effective with a minimal footprint for new POE+ designs. Capable of providing a full 30W of continuous power to the end device, and operating down to -40C, the Ag5200 is packed with useful features.
Ag5200 can be used with our existing Ag6100 and AG6400 PSE modules for a complete POE+ solution supplying Power over Ethernet end-to-end over CAT5 or CAT6 cables.
Demand for higher power POE continues to grow, as the cost saving potential of POE is recognised. Installers and end users of network connected products can realise the cost saving potential of POE products through reduced cabling and installation costs for all their network connected devices. POE provides the flexibility to install devices in any location, using a single data cable without requiring proximity to an additional power outlet.

About Silvertel

UK based Silvertel is a global leader in Power solutions modules, including Power over Ethernet (PoE), Battery Charging and Telecommunications products.  Silvertel have been pioneering higher power and small form factor PoE modules for over 7 years and are a contributing member of the HDBaseT alliance, pioneering POE at up to 100W. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Silvertels’ product focus is on low cost, small size and ease of use.  Silvertel brings product to market through its international network of specialist distributors and representatives.

Written By: Michael Venezia
WEB Marketing Specialist
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