First activity monitors to be able to automatically detect when users fall asleep employ Nordic nRF51822s and can run for up to a month between recharges

May 13, 2015
Oslo, Norway 2015/05/13 - Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Chinese contract design company Ginshell (Hangzhou) Technology Co. Ltd. is employing Nordic nRF51822 Systems-on-Chip (SoCs) to provide the Bluetooth® Smart (formerly known as Bluetooth low energy) wireless synchronization to smartphones and tablets in what Ginshell Technology claims is the first activity monitor platform to be able to automatically detect when users fall asleep.
The smartwatch form-factor bong X and bong XX are said to be able to distinguish between 11 different activity and rest states: resting, walking, running, warming-up, fast walking, sports activity, swimming, sleeping, normal activity, being in traffic, and cycling.
Each bong X / XX smartwatch weighs just 15g, has IP67-rated water-proofing, and features a touch-sensitive 126 LED matrix color display that can show the time of day, in-coming call alerts, battery status, smartphone message alerts, and bong-specific motivational messages and updates, and yet still run for up to a month between recharges from an internal 3.7 V, 60mAh lithium-polymer battery. There are also seven interactive ways (sliders and buttons) that users can interact with the watch directly, so minimizing the need for them to access their smartphones.
“We selected the nRF51822 because its on-chip integration of both a Bluetooth stack and an ARM processor gave the [SoC] the application processing power and memory we needed without sacrificing size or ultra low power consumption,” comments Sun Dapeng, Head of R&D at Ginshell Technology. “This enabled us to maximize the bong X / XX standby time and extend the typical weekly recharging requirements of most activity monitors to over a month in our product.”
Dapeng adds: “Nordic worked seamlessly alongside its distribution partner and provided us with excellent technical documentation and support, including being able to draw on a wealth of technical resource and expertise from within the organization that helped us solve any problems we encountered quickly and painlessly, enabling us to accelerate our product development cycle.”

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